Transfer Invoices from one QuickBooks company file to a second company file as Bills

A common question that we have seen lately is what happens if I sell my products or services to another company that also uses QuickBooks – is there an easy way to import the invoice data as bills into the related QuickBooks company file to eliminate re-keying of the data.  The answer is yes – the company that is preparing the invoices would user our Transaction Pro Exporter 5.0 to export the invoices out of QuickBooks to a file that they would then send to the other company.  The related company would then use the Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 to import this file into QuickBooks to create bills.

For purposes of this example we are using the sample company file, Larry’s Landscaping, and we are going to export all invoices for December 2017.  After making this selections select the Names Filter tab.

The related company that they need to send the invoices is called Eckerd Design so we put a check box next to the customer, Ecker Design and then select the Retrieve Data button.

The data will appear within the grid.  Select the export to file button and save the file.  You would then email or send this file to your related company.

For the company that you want to create the bills in you would open up the QuickBooks company file, browse to where you saved the invoice file and select an import type of bills.  You can read more on how to import bills in this blog post.

When you get to the mapping screen below is the suggested mapping that you should be utilizing.  You should modify this suggested mapping to type in a static value for the vendor and the AP Account.

You can request free trials of the software from our website to test this process out.  If you have any questions or comments please post them below.


  1. MoGrace2u says

    Is this also possible if you have 2 versions of QBPro open with different company files? I need to move some bills from the new v12 company to the old v11 company. How do you tell the Import and Export programs which QB file to use?

  2. MoGrace2u says

    I found the answer in command line options – this works in both Exporter & Importer:
    /QB_COMPANY_PATH=full file path and file name

Any feedback? Please let us know!