How to create new items in QuickBooks while importing transactions using Transaction Pro Importer

We often times get the question:  What happens if my item in my import file does not exist in my QuickBooks company file, will Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 (“TPI5″) create this item for me?  The answer is yes!  On the last screen of TPI5 you indicate how you would like any new items to be set up by TPI5 in QuickBooks.  In the drop down boxes below you can indicate the item type (service, inventory, non-inventory or other charge) along with the associated accounts and sales tax code.  If your item does not exist in QuickBooks then TPI5 will create the new item in QuickBooks following the parameters that you set on the QuickBooks Item Settings screen.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the QuickBooks Item Settings Screen.

What happens if my item already exists in QuickBooks?

If the item already exists in QuickBooks then TPI5 will use the underlying accounts that are already set up on this item in QuickBooks to record the transaction.

What is I want to use different income accounts on new items?

You can just enable the /ITEMACCT command line parameter and you can specify the income account to be used in your import file on NEW items in QuickBooks.

What if I do not want TPI5 to create new items?

If you do not want TPI5 to create new accounts on the basic options tab within TPI5 select the option under List Items, “Do not add new items to QuickBooks.”

Will TPI5 use the accounts on the last screen on my transaction imports?

No TPI5 will only use these accounts on the last screen to set up NEW items.  If the item already exists in QuickBooks TPI5 will use the underlying accounts on the item as it currently is set up in QuickBooks.

What if my items in my import file do not match the item list in QuickBooks?

Often times when web stores are set up often times they use a different naming convention then what you have set up in your item list in your QuickBooks company file.  If this is the case you turn on the option to use the item cross reference.  You can read how to use this option in a separate blog post.

My import does not have items why do I need to complete this screen?

Many transaction types in QuickBooks allow you to set both account and items.  In addition, most users utilize TPI5 for more than one import type so they want the ability to set this screen just once for all transaction imports.  Don’t worry if you have not mapped any data to the QuickBooks field, item, on the TPI5 mapping screen this information on the last screen will never be used.

If you do not already have a copy of TPI5 your can request a free trial demo which will allow you to import any data into any QuickBooks company file.  If you have any questions regarding this TPI5 feature please post your comments below.





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