Import Checks into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer on the Intuit App Center

Want a fast and easy way to import your check transactions into QuickBooks Online?  This application is on Intuit’s newest platform, the Intuit App Center.  There is a free trial available here.

As long as your data is in an Excel or CSV file you can use Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online to upload these transactions to your QuickBooks Online company file.  Your import file can contain columns in any order, have whatever headers you want and can have extra columns.  We have provide a suggested template for you to review or start with to save you time.  You can download this template here.  If you use the template we provide then you won’t need to map any fields since Transaction Pro automatically maps fields with the same name.

Below is a table showing all the fields supported as well as the data format expected in your import file.  To see the entire table change the number of rows in the show entries box.

QuickBooks FieldQuickBooks Form - Field DescriptionNotesRequired FieldType (D for Date, N for Number and T for Text)
RefNumberWrite Check - Check #If the transaction is flagged as to be printed this field is used by TPI for internal grouping purposes.YT
BankAccountWrite Check - Bank AccountIf using account names include both the account and the sub account separated by a colon (Account:Subaccount). If using account numbers select the option, "Enable Account Numbers on Transactions."YT
VendorVendor - Full NameIf this an existing vendor TPI will use the info on the vendor information screen to produce the check. If the vendor does not exist TPI will create the vendor with whatever info is in the import file.YT
TxnDateWrite Check - DateD
AddressLine1Write Check - Address BoxT
AddressLine2Write Check - Address BoxT
AddressLine3Write Check - Address BoxT
AddressLine4Write Check - Address BoxT
Write Check - Address BoxT
AddressStateWrite Check - Address BoxT
AddressPostal Code
Write Check - Address BoxT
Write Check - MemoT
ToBePrintedToBePrintedY for Yes, N for No. If left blank assumed to be No.T
ExpenseAccountWrite Check - Itemize by Account - AccountExpenseAccount and ExpenseAmount are both required if using accounts on your checks.T
ExpenseAmountWrite Check - Itemize by Account - AmountExpenseAccount and ExpenseAmount are both required if using accounts on your checks.N
ExpenseDescriptionWrite Check - Itemize by Account - DescriptionWrite Check - Itemize by Account - DescriptionT
ExpenseClassWrite Check - Itemize by Account - DescriptionT
ExpenseBillableStatusWrite Check - Itemize by Account - BillableY for Yes, N for No.T
ExpenseBillableEntityWrite Check - Itemize by Account - ClientName must exist in QBO pre-import.T
LineItemWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - Product/ServiceLineItem and LineUnitPrice are both required if using items on your checks.T
LineDescWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - DescriptionT
LineQtyWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service- QtyN
LineUnitPriceWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - RateLineItem and LineUnitPrice are both required if using items on your checks.N
LineAmountWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - AmountN
LineClassWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - ClassT
LineBillableStatusWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - BillableY for Yes, N for No.T
LineBillableEntityWrite Check - Itemize by Product/Service - ClientName must exist in QBO pre-import.T


So if your company needs the ability to import checks into QuickBooks Online try the free trial today of Transaction Pro Importer:  The fast and easy way to import your data into QuickBooks Online.

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