Time Tracking Imports using Transaction Pro Importer 2.0 for QuickBooks Online

In this post we will provide an overview of how to import time tracking transactions into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer.  On the first screen of Transaction Pro you will select the browse button to select your import file.  In this example we are using the sample import files that are installed with the program and are located in c:\program files\01 Transaction Pro Import Wizard – QBOE Edition\Sample Import files  We will also select an import type of time tracking.  Then select the options button if you want to select any options.

On the file contents screen you will see the data in your import file in a grid format.  Select the next button.

The next screen in Transaction Pro Importer is the mapping screen.  If the map does not load select the load map button and navigate to the following file:  c:\program files\01 Transaction Pro Import Wizard – QBOE Edition\Time Tracking map.dat  Required QuickBooks Fields are depicted in red in the first column (Name, Duration).  Select the next button.

This next screen shows how the data will be mapped to your QuickBooks fields.  The QuickBooks fields are listed at the top of the grid and the data follows in rows immediately below.  Review this data to make sure that data is mapped correctly.  Select the next button.

On the last screen of Transaction Pro you select how any new items that do not exist in your QuickBooks company file will be set up by making selections from the drop down menu.  Please note this last screen needs to be completed even if you are not mapping data to the items item field.  Select the finish button to start the import.

You can download a free demo to try this out here.

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